Bank Failure Drama: Actions You Can Take to Mitigate Risk

16 March, 2023 / by Jim Glennon

As you likely know by now, two banks failed in the last week. This marks the first collapse of a U.S. bank since 2020, and two of the three largest bank failures ever. In the aftermath, we’re left to question what happened, how will it affect our industry and is there anything [...]

Success With TBA Trading: Managing Counterparties, Executing Efficiently and Avoiding Pitfalls

01 July, 2022 / by Jim Glennon

Published July 1, 2022

How Will the Latest FHFA Pricing Changes Impact You and Your Borrowers?

26 January, 2022 / by Jim Glennon

Published January 6, 2022

Manage Risk & Increase Returns With the Right Hedging Option

19 August, 2021 / by Jim Glennon

Published August 19, 2021 

It’s Time to Prepare for Pushback on N/O/O and other “High-Risk” Mortgage Acquisitions

11 March, 2021 / by Jim Glennon

Published March 11, 2021

COVID-19 Forbearance Issues & Cash-out Considerations

24 April, 2020 / by Jim Glennon

Published April 24, 2020

As you are likely aware, the prospect of borrowers becoming unemployed as a result of COVID-19 shutdowns has become a reality, but the depth of that part of this crisis has yet to be determined. Thus, the threat of loans entering forbearance is a major [...]

Is the Virus-related Mortgage Market Turmoil Abating?

06 April, 2020 / by Jim Glennon

Published April 6, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis continues, and the mortgage industry is still reeling from its effects. Margin calls almost went too high for the industry to stomach, investor and agency cash pricing is awful, and March mark-to-market (MTM) results are ugly, though [...]

COVID-19 and its Impact on Today's Mortgage Pipelines

25 March, 2020 / by Jim Glennon

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) pandemic throughout the world continues to become more critical by the day and most experts predict things will get worse before they get better. The impact on society, the world economy, and our industry remain to be seen, but the [...]


10 March, 2020 / by Jim Glennon

It’s obvious that whoever pens the record books for financial stats is going to have a hand cramp after the past couple of weeks. The equity and commodities markets selling off extraordinary amounts, as well as the unprecedented moves in equities and bonds have us reeling from [...]

Examining the Bid Tape Assignment of Trade Strategy

16 May, 2019 / by Jim Glennon

Assignments of Trade(AOTs) have existed in the secondary mortgage market for decades, thoughavariation thatmay besomewhatunfamiliaris thebid tape AOT.Whileit hasexisted foracouple of years,the industry is just now starting toseeexactlyhow pervasive ithas become