Success With TBA Trading: Managing Counterparties, Executing Efficiently and Avoiding Pitfalls

01 July, 2022 / by Jim Glennon

Published July 1, 2022


10 March, 2020 / by Jim Glennon

It’s obvious that whoever pens the record books for financial stats is going to have a hand cramp after the past couple of weeks. The equity and commodities markets selling off extraordinary amounts, as well as the unprecedented moves in equities and bonds have us reeling from [...]

Examining the Bid Tape Assignment of Trade Strategy

16 May, 2019 / by Jim Glennon

Assignments of Trade(AOTs) have existed in the secondary mortgage market for decades, thoughavariation thatmay besomewhatunfamiliaris thebid tape AOT.Whileit hasexisted foracouple of years,the industry is just now starting toseeexactlyhow pervasive ithas become