Originators and secondary marketing managers are required to make quick, HIGH-IMPACT DECISIONS but often lack access to the data and analytical tools necessary to operate effectively. Without readily available lock, change request, and pricing data, they are at a disadvantage.

Optimal Blue’s unique BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE capabilities address this issue by providing instant access to real-time performance and competitive data, along with analytical tools that help users identify, understand, and evaluate opportunities. These systems also provide insight on competitive positioning and market share to more quickly evaluate pricing strategies and their effectiveness.


Our panel of industry experts will demonstrate the ACTIONABLE DATA VISUALIZATION that originators need to gain complete visibility, make advanced decisions, and increase efficiency.

  • Quickly adapt to driving market forces to augment profitability and expansion
  • Understand trends and monitor lock activity at the product, channel, branch, and loan officer level
  • Analyze current and historical market share in comparison to a broad market of retail lenders
  • Access actual retail lender pricing and rates to identify profitable new market opportunities 

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