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Optimize Your Advantage with Real-Time Data

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Mortgage lenders fulfill the critical role of financing homeownership for American homebuyers. To achieve this, lenders must effectively manage their profit margins to ensure a sustained level of return on investments. This involves setting, maintaining, and continuously improving their financial expectations to maintain a competitive edge.

Success in this sector depends heavily on having access to reliable, near-real-time data collected directly from the source. This allows lenders to identify subtle trends and shifts that might affect portfolio performance and make adjustments based on various factors such as volume, margin, pricing, loan officer compensation, and concessions.

Where Data is King

When it comes to data, accuracy is everything. Sophisticated capital markets platforms offer real-time data solutions, collected directly from the source, and they make it available immediately, with no lag times or delivery snafus. They also analyze data from a wide net of users to provide the competitor benchmarking and pricing and hedging intelligence you need.

By transforming individual data points into a cohesive narrative of market behaviors and trends, mortgage industry stakeholders can gauge the pulse of the primary mortgage market with unprecedented clarity. This type of mortgage market data serves as a strategic ally for all industry stakeholders and provides a benchmarking tool for lenders who need to know how they stack up against peers in terms of pricing and product offerings, thus empowering a more informed, agile mortgage industry.


Details Make the Difference

In the secondary market, the value of mortgage-backed securities hinges on the performance of the underlying primary loans. By offering data that reveals rate trends as they unfold, lenders can anticipate changes in secondary market asset performance and adjust their strategies proactively rather than reactively.

Such direct and immediate insights provide an invaluable tool for the secondary market, where timing and accuracy in understanding rate trends can significantly impact trading strategies and asset valuation.


Maximizing Market Value

Optimal Blue’s cloud-based data and analytics solutions are used by lenders, investors, federal agencies, think tanks, and consultancies to perform economy-impacting research, inform public policy, and enhance profitable decision-making. Transforming raw data into rich, actionable insights supports the day-to-day operations of mortgage lenders and investors, in addition to shaping the overall understanding of the market.

The capital markets platform from Optimal Blue is used to trade $375 billion of loans annually. The sheer volume of participants and transactions in the Optimal Blue network creates a true network effect. As usage of the platform increases, it becomes increasingly valuable to its community through enhanced knowledge-sharing and access to real-time, comparative data, which enables users to operate more competitively.


As the market leader, Optimal Blue is well-positioned to grow with you and support your success at every step, ensuring you have a single, full-service vendor able to fulfill your data needs and help you compete more effectively now and in the future.

Learn more about how Optimal Blue’s data solutions can optimize your advantage.

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