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It’s Time to Optimize Your Advantage With Optimal Blue

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Optimal Blue

No one understands change quite like those in the housing industry, and the team at Optimal Blue is no exception. Last fall, Optimal Blue joined Constellation Software Inc., a leading software provider made up of more than 1,000 independently run businesses.

From the outside, Optimal Blue joining Constellation may have appeared to be simply more change amid an already-dynamic housing market. Yet, it’s been far more significant, allowing us to renew our commitment to putting our customers’ success at the forefront of everything we do. We’ve resurged our leadership in mortgage technology innovation to cultivate more value for our clients by helping them further protect margin profitability across the capital markets life cycle.

With over 20 years of expertise behind us, we’re both experienced and renewed, and we’ve emerged today stronger than ever to serve our customers. Yet, what does that really mean?


We Bring More Value

With a deep bench of industry experts and decades of development, Optimal Blue is still the only capital markets vendor equipped with the capabilities, knowledge, and resources you need to grow your bottom line. 

Our reach spans the complete mortgage life cycle – from the time an American borrower discovers what homes they can afford, to a lender considering originating a mortgage, through rate locking, counterparty oversight, pipeline hedging, securitization and trading, and on through the valuation of mortgage servicing rights and portfolio monitoring for additional lead generation opportunities.

This network brings together hundreds of thousands of individual lenders, investors, brokers, and vendors – including 68% of the top 500 lenders. And when more plug in, the network becomes even more beneficial to the broader community. This resource yields constant value by way of knowledge-sharing and real-time, competitive benchmarking. With these connections, lenders of all sizes and scopes operate profitably and efficiently to fulfill the momentous role of helping American borrowers achieve the dream of homeownership – regardless of market dynamics.

Nationwide, Optimal Blue facilitates $1.1 trillion in transactions annually. Our capital markets platform is used to price and lock 35% of mortgage originations, hedge and trade 38% of loans into the secondary market, and support 70% of MSR valuations.


The Optimal Blue Advantage

As lenders of all sizes and scopes continuously address market demands, they need an experienced partner who’s already seen up-and-down lending environments firsthand and emerged stronger and wiser. Optimal Blue is that partner, having grown our products and services over the past two decades.

More lenders and investors have chosen the Optimal Blue PPE over competing pricing technologies to help them adjust their pricing strategies to market shifts before they happen.

While technology is an important piece of what Optimal Blue provides, it’s just that: one piece.

The quantitative horsepower afforded by Optimal Blue, both upfront and post-lock, ensures loans stay profitable throughout their lifespan – and if, for some reason, loans do not remain profitable, lenders can understand why. Plus, as a lender grows in sophistication and/or volume, Optimal Blue is ready to support their success every step of the way.

Our differentiator isn’t just decades of experience; it’s also what we do with it. We regularly host knowledge-sharing forums and publish value-add content to support our clients’ success. By way of our client success team and hedging and trading desk, lenders always have access to experienced advocates who understand the business and market environment.

We channel our expertise to deliver forward-looking functionality and expert counsel that continuously reshapes the industry standard and produces tools within our capital markets platform designed to hone accuracy.

With the introduction of these tools and others, we continue to bridge an ever-growing network of critical connections between the primary and secondary mortgage markets to the benefit of the larger industry.


A Rebirth of the Industry’s Best Partner

To fulfill the momentous role of helping borrowers achieve the American dream and buy a home of their own, lenders need a proven partner that provides the technology innovation they need, along with the network, data, and expertise necessary to succeed.

Optimal Blue is uniquely positioned to touch a loan across the complete capital markets life cycle, which gives us a line of sight into rich, real-time data that provides further value to each lender, the mortgage industry, and beyond. As the conduit that carries this data through pricing to pipeline hedging and trading, and on through servicing, we possess an unmatched depth of data that provides critical insight no matter what the market holds.

As an independently run business backed by Constellation Software’s resources, we are empowered to operate with a long-term view while benefiting from best-practice sharing and added stability.

Optimal Blue is the only provider that delivers on these promises by effectively bridging the primary and secondary mortgage markets to form a comprehensive capital markets platform – giving lenders the power to optimize everything from pricing accuracy to margin protection, and all the steps in between.

Change may be a constant in the housing industry, but with Optimal Blue as an experienced partner, you can trust that your business is equipped to tackle what’s ahead.

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