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Monitor Optimal Blue with Confidence

Evaluating the vendors you do business with is more important today than ever before. Selecting a new vendor partner or extending a relationship with an existing one are incredibly important decisions. Leading companies base these decisions on more than product demonstrations and personal relationships. Those companies perform thorough due diligence reviews on their new vendors and conduct extensive ongoing vendor monitoring throughout their relationship.

Based on over two decades of leadership in the mortgage industry and trusted relationships with hundreds of institutions, Optimal Blue agrees with that philosophy and is proud to proactively share our sensitive company information to support your due diligence efforts.

On this portal, you will discover a rich set of audits, security information, system availability measurements, financial statements, insurance coverages, and other important information about our company, products, and services. Due to the number of due diligence requests from regulators, clients, third parties, and other stakeholders, Optimal Blue does not respond to requests to complete individual client due diligence questionnaires.

Note: All due diligence documents are password-protected.
The documentation posted on this portal is protected by passwords shared with Optimal Blue clients and prospective clients with a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) on file with us. By using the password to access the documentation, you certify that you are:

  1. An Optimal Blue client with a current Master of Agreement on file with Optimal Blue; (or)
  2. A prospective Optimal Blue client with an NDA on file with Optimal Blue

Any party who does not meet one of the two criteria outlined above is not privy to the Optimal Blue documentation posted on this site and needs Optimal Blue’s permission to access the information. To obtain documentation passwords, or for assistance related to this process, please contact your Optimal Blue Sales Account Representative (or), the specific Optimal Blue product support contact: