Optimal Blue is pleased to support the following
Housing Finance Authority (HFA) products.

Please contact the Optimal Blue Client Services team at clientservices@optimalblue.com
if you would like to add any of these HFAs to your system.

Last updated: August 15, 2022


Alabama Housing Finance Authority  
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation  
Arizona Industrial Development Authority  
Arkansas Development Finance Authority  
California Housing Finance Agency  
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority  
District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency  
Florida Housing Finance Corporation  
Georgia Department of Community Affairs  
Golden State Finance Authority  
Idaho Housing and Finance Association  
Illinois Housing Development Authority  
Iowa Finance Authority  
Kentucky Housing Corporation IN PROGRESS
Maine State Housing Authority dba MaineHousing  
Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development  
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency  
Michigan State Housing Development Authority  
Missouri Housing Development Commission  
Nebraska Investment Finance Authority  


Nevada Housing Division  
New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority  
New Mexico Mortgage Finance Agency  
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency  
North Dakota Housing Finance Agency  
Ohio Housing Finance Agency  
Oklahoma Housing Finance Authority  
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency  
Rhode Island Housing  
South Carolina State Housing Finance & Development Authority
Southeast Texas Housing Finance Corporation (SETH)
Tennessee Housing Development Agency  
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs  
Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation  
Utah Housing Corporation  
Vermont Housing Finance Authority  
Virginia Housing Development Authority  
Washington State Housing Finance Commission  
Wyoming Community Development Authority