5 Reasons to Include Broker-Managed Assumptions in Your MSR Valuation

19 October, 2021 / by Admin

You’ve finally tossed those outdated servicing grids aside in favor of more precise mortgage servicing rights (MSR) valuation. Congratulations! With a new cash flow model, you’re maximizing the profitability of your MSR assets and avoiding period-end reporting surprises.

It’s Time to Set Servicing Grids Aside for More Precise MSR Valuation

07 September, 2021 / by Admin

Surprises aren’t always welcome. A “just because” gift or complimentary piece of dessert may delight someone when delivered without notice, but balance sheet surprises are another story.

Manage Risk & Increase Returns With the Right Hedging Option

19 August, 2021 / by Jim Glennon

Published August 19, 2021 

The Journey to Securitization: Understanding Pricing Inputs

19 May, 2021 / by James Baublitz

Plan. Prepare. Coordinate. Communicate.

As Black Knight continues to help lenders prepare to shift to from cash window to securitization delivery, these four words remain fundamental to our guidance. In arecent blog article, we offered recommendations for success, and [...]

What’s That Loan Worth, Anyway?

18 May, 2021 / by James Baublitz

Cue the trumpets and fanfare, secondary marketers. Slice the cake and raise champagne flutes with your auditors. It’s a new day in the world of correspondent lending, and it’s time to commemorate the occasion.

Have We Seen The Worst Of The Pricing Stress For Non-Owner-Occupied Properties?

12 May, 2021 / by Mike Vough
  • Loan pipeline data from Black Knight’s Secondary Marketing Technologies group shows the percentage of non-owner-occupied and second-home loans originated has decreased from 10.3% to 6.7% since April 1
  • Despite the bulk pricing on second-home loans decreasing an additional 50 [...]

Stressed Bulk Aggregator Pricing Continues for Non-Owner-Occupied Properties

06 May, 2021 / by Mike Vough
  • Loan sale data from Black Knight’s Secondary Marketing Technologies group shows bulk pricing on second homes faded approximately 50 basis points over the last two weeks
  • Additional loan sale data from the group shows bulk pricing on investment properties increased approximately [...]

Social Media for Loan Officers: Building Your Brand

03 May, 2021 / by Mike Zastoupil

Maintaining an active presence on social media is all but critical in today’s digital era, especially for businesses that thrive on building and sustaining relationships.

Observing the Secondary Marketing Impacts of GSE Caps on Non-Owner-Occupied Properties

21 April, 2021 / by Mike Vough
  • Loan sale data from Black Knight’s Secondary Marketing Technologies group shows bulk pricing on investment and second homes fading by approximately 75 basis points in the last month, following the GSE announcement
  • Lenders need to take an active approach to applying extra margin [...]

Don’t Agonize Over Securitization, Plan for It

16 April, 2021 / by James Baublitz

Recommendations for Success as Lenders Prepare for the Agency Shift to Securitization

In just eight months, the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) will beginlimiting the amount lenders can commit to the cash window– a disruption that has left many agency-direct lenders [...]