Social Media for Loan Officers: Building Your Brand

03 May, 2021 / by Mike Zastoupil

Maintaining an active presence on social media is all but critical in today’s digital era, especially for businesses that thrive on building and sustaining relationships.

Four TPO Mistakes To Avoid & Corrective Actions for Partner Success

11 February, 2020 / by Mike Zastoupil

As market trends and compliance regulations continue to ebb and flow, having a strong counterparty oversight program in place is key to maintaining productive, healthy, and cost-effective business relationships. Investors historically migrate in and out of third-party [...]

Social Media Compliance: Monitoring vs. Auditing

29 January, 2019 / by Mike Zastoupil

For those that are unfamiliar, there are a total of seven components to the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council's guidance on social media compliance. Each element is vitally important to an organization's risk management program, with two of them – monitoring and [...]