Free White Paper – Five Key Components Of A Successful PPE

14 April, 2022 / by Admin

Published April 14, 2022

It’s A Lock: New White Paper Examines How Rate Lock Data Can Help Manage Portfolio Risk

15 March, 2022 / by Admin

Published March 15, 2022

Cashing In On the Cash-Out Refinance Boom

20 October, 2021 / by Admin

Over the past year, the red-hot housing market has given many homeowners a bounty of tappable equity that has risen so quickly it’s all but burst through the roofs of their very houses. Driven by increasing home values, triggered by low real estate inventory, tappable equity – [...]

5 Reasons to Include Broker-Managed Assumptions in Your MSR Valuation

19 October, 2021 / by Admin

You’ve finally tossed those outdated servicing grids aside in favor of more precise mortgage servicing rights (MSR) valuation. Congratulations! With a new cash flow model, you’re maximizing the profitability of your MSR assets and avoiding period-end reporting surprises.

It’s Time to Set Servicing Grids Aside for More Precise MSR Valuation

07 September, 2021 / by Admin

Surprises aren’t always welcome. A “just because” gift or complimentary piece of dessert may delight someone when delivered without notice, but balance sheet surprises are another story.

What’s Hiding in the Shadows of Your Company’s Online Reputation?

19 February, 2021 / by Admin

For better or worse, social media has blurred the boundaries between the personal and professional lives of many individuals. Some will proudly affix their employer’s name to their profiles, and then proceed to post and engage with content ranging from the weather to [...]

How Often Should MSRs Be Valued?

15 October, 2020 / by Admin

Mortgage servicing rights (MSR) are an important asset for many financial institutions and may be the largest asset for many independent mortgage banks. MSR portfolios provide substantial revenue and can also play a role in offsetting risk on the production side of the business [...]

Solving Agency Loan Pool-Level Constraints

03 October, 2020 / by Admin

To improve a financial institution’s overall performance, incorporating the secondary market into balance sheet strategies is critical. To do that, lenders and investors buy and sell securities in the secondary market that are collateralized by pooled mortgage loans. Pooling [...]

Video Chat With HousingWire: How Lenders Will Benefit From Black Knight’s Acquisition of Optimal Blue

27 July, 2020 / by Admin

Black Knight President of Secondary Marketing Technologies, Scott Happ, recently sat down with HousingWire CEO Clayton Collins ina virtual chatto discuss theBlack Knight acquisition of Optimal Blue, and how it will benefit lenders.

How Data And Analytics Can Give Lenders A Competitive Edge In A Changing Market

29 May, 2020 / by Admin

Published May 29, 2020